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We all need this resource for free rehabs.That will save people lives

Drug rehab blog that You are reading now, is started 5 years ago with idea to collect info about cheap or free drug rehab and healing programs. In mean time, I was posting about various types of rehabs, treatments, centers and approaches in drug rehabilitation. After some time, about few years ago, I started to get more and more messages from people who can't afford rehab and need it for their sons, daughters, brothers, sisters and all friends or relatives, so I tried to find some free rehabs or at least good resources for good and free drug rehab and detox programs and clinics. I did than and you will find some, but not very useful info about free rehabs... Why? Guess what? There is no good free rehabs at all or at least I can't find them! Yes that is TRUE, I gave here some info, but in best case people who need rehab will get free counseling where someone will direct them to paying program or clinic. I was amazed, since for example in South, West and East Europe I found a lot of great places for free rehab: small charity clinical, monasteries (especial in East Europe), and similar places where people with tight budget can go and get help to save their lives from drugs.
After all in past few months I am getting at least one message daily where people ask, even begging to give some info about free help with drugs that they can find for their kids or friends...Mostly of them are US citizens and there is also a lot people from UK, so I decided to ask for your help to solve this and make ultimate real free rehabs centers/programs list. Until now I was just writing something on this blog time by time, but now found out that I need to something that is really useful for those who need help!

What I am asking You ?

I am asking you to help me, so we together can help to people who need help with drugs and who don't have money to afford rehab. I created free worldwide rehabs data collecting form (on this page,scroll down) so if you know, or you been, or you know someone who was in some good and cost-free rehab center, please share that info with me, using this form, and I will publish here, sorted by country, for US by state. No matter are you from Canada for example, feel free to submit your local free drug rehab center or anything similar because I noticed, that due to cost of rehabs, for example for some US people would be cheapest to arrive CA on rehab that to go to paid US rehabs which are mostly very, very expansive.

To be sure what I am talking about, use Google to find something about 'free drug rehab', and you will find out that you are getting a lot of information about PAID, NOT-FREE rehabs and treatments. In worst case you will find this, mine blog that you are reading now, which at least trying to find and provide some valuable useful information about this. So, I hope you understand problem: If there is free tratments out there, ordinary people simply will not find them, because even when you type "free rehab" you will get bunch on info related to paid rehabs.

Once Again, please take this serious!

All I ask is to:
1) If you know free rehab program, center or clinic, or even religious rehabs, any charity rehabs, any other type of organization that provide free drug rehab , anywhere in the world: US, UK, CA, Europe, anywhere, just share that info using my form, so I can compile and publish list of free world wide rehabs.

2) Share this page with other people, so I can't attract more people who can have info about good free rehab programs and treatment places to share here and make list better and bigger.

For the end of this post I will show you how some of messages that people sending to me, so You will understand why I am asking all of you to take part in this action and to help me build free drug rehab resource. For example blog visitor few days ago sent me this message:

 "My sister is on drugs... but i really dont know what she is on....but she also has baby .. but the grandmom is taking care of the baby because she is on drugs.... please somboby call me "
or another one:

"My son is 22yrs old and is having a drug problem he just ask me to help him, we do not have the money for this kind of treatment or the knowledge to help him, please help me to help my son thank you " and so on, I am receiving tens of similar message monthly, so please take that seriousy, and help me, giving valuable info so we all can help other people WHO DESPERATELY NEED HELP WITH DRUGS!

Free worldwide drug rehabs collecting data form - leave me info about free drug rehab clinic or program so I can publish here. 

Need to Your help to build ultimate online resource on free rehabs worldwide

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